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The “Spark”

The beginning of every relationship is always the best part. It is so exciting and fun… and probably one of the best feelings you will ever have. Sometimes people get confused between lust and love. In all honesty, sometimes lust is a better feeling. Except, of course, that moment when you realize you are truly in love. Personally, it took me about a year into our relationship before I actually realized it. It was Thanksgiving 2006, John went out of town with his uncle, as they did every year on Thanksgiving, and I wasn’t sure why at the time but I couldn’t eat, sleep, or had any sort of energy. I had no motivation to do anything. It was the strangest thing, I felt such a deep depression. I honestly had no idea what was wrong with me. Then I received a random phone call from John telling me that they came home early… and it was right then that everything changed, I felt SO much better. I immediately felt my spirit lift and I was able to laugh… I was even able to eat… a LOT! I left that afternoon to meet with him and on the way I had many thoughts going through my head. ‘Why all of a sudden was everything ok again?’ …and that’s when it hit me… I’m in love with him! The feeling I had while he was away was my other half being taken away from me. 🙂

Anyways… this is actually not what this post is about. I wanted to write about something that I notice people do… now this is something that I notice GIRLS do more than guys. So girls, please read this because it’s important. That fantastic, awesome, and GREAT feeling doesn’t last. It is mostly the beginning. The rest is just a test. If you truly love that person and actually value your relationship, you will stick around. I have seen way too many times, one person (typically the girl) will break up with the other after a few months or they sabotage the relationship and try to always blame the other person. Seriously? Please stop. There are always, and I repeat ALWAYS ways to stay happy in a relationship… and even bring that spark back. 😉 My key is to remember that your significant other is not only your lover, but your best friend. Go for a casual walk and just talk… go on a date (dinner and a movie, maybe?) Have fun… go dancing, play games, have a pillow fight… it’s ok to be immature sometimes. 😉

I am only 24 years old and I’ve been in a relationship since I was 17… that’s tough. So I admit that there are times that I still wonder, “what if.” What if I was with him, or him, or HIM? What would it be like if I were with this guy or THAT guy? Where would I be or who would I be with if John and I wouldn’t have gotten back together. I have crazy thoughts all the time… but I try not to let them get to me, because deep down inside I know what I truly want and know that it’s not worth changing that.