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The Move

I don’t show it too well when I am stressed. To be honest, I hate sympathy. Which is why I don’t really talk about my problems too often… but I will tell you this. The move is more stressful on me than I have expressed. I am excited to go but there is a part of me that doesn’t want to go. It seems to be putting a lot of strain on my relationship as well… I want it to work but sometimes it gets so tough, that I just want to shut everyone out… including him… and give up…or just be left alone.

Confession: …people always ask me why I don’t talk much over the phone or in text… I just don’t like it. I have my phone to keep me entertained sometimes, but mostly I have it to talk to my parents or in case of emergency. I would much rather speak to someone in person, I am so much better at that. Just an FYI. 😉

That is all.