By Tara


Happy June!

Even though my day started out like crap… I must admit, this will be a good month. A lot is going on… on top of the 4 contests I am in, I have two baby showers to attend, John’s little brother’s birthday is this month, my family is getting together to say goodbye to me, my going away party is on the 16th AND the last day of our work place is on the 29th. After that, John and I will be moving to Kentucky. I have always wanted to try and live in another state for a while so I am thankful I now have the opportunity to. I am also thankful after everything John and I have been through in our relationship, we can finally settle down and move away together… as much as I hate him sometimes. I had to say this, since I know he’s reading this. 😛

Who cares if anyone wants to criticize what you do… let them… it’s all jealousy. Only do what makes you happy. 🙂


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